DRR Design

When it comes to architecture and design, you want a company that does outstanding work. A company that does great planning and a tangible blueprint and 3D print design is one of the criteria that you may consider when you choose one. The advantage of such is that you get to see and feel the building or project that you would want to establish. You get to have a great architectural concept and dimension when you get to see a 3D print and design of any project. And we at DRR Design get to deliver such outstanding services including a great outline for your upcoming project. For us, there is no task that is too small or too big to handle, what we are after is to provide the best architectural design service for our clients. To be able to give such wonderful service to our clients, we at DRR Design see to it that we take a synergistic approach when we start with any project. We believe that our clients are our best assets. We at DRR Designs make sure that our client’s feedback and suggestions are taken into context and we also incorporate great form and function when it comes to our architectural design. We believe that any building design or project is not just an inanimate object or structure that we have to build. We at DRR Design believe that our craft has to come to life, breathing as if it is part of the community and the ecosystem that surrounds it. DRR Design is the trusted Architecture design company that has been servicing Sydney for around 12 years. Our years of service prove that we have a number of following and we are one of the most trusted architectural companies to date. DRR Designs provides the following services.
  1. 3D Modeling – 3D modeling aims to provide a better view and perspective in any project design. The dimensional feel of a small scale building give the client a much better understanding of the designs’ form and function.
  2. 3D Scanning – 3D Scanning helps with establishing the proper dimension of a design
  3. AutoCAD Design – this software aims to help both designers and clients. It provides a Virtual View of a design’s finished product. In effect, clients get to see a vision of their projected design and can make and suggest improvements based on the visual representation of the design that was created by the AutoCAD Design software.
  4. Autodesk licensing – a new software for design can be licensed with the help or our company. We provide Autodesk licensing services for those who would like to acquire a designing software for personal use or for work.
  5. 3D Scanning & Printing Hardware can also be supplied through our Industry Partners at Redstack Online.
DRR Design specializes in 3D design and we can also provide software licensing for those who would like to own a specialised 3D designing software. No other company is able to provide services for both the architect and the client.  If you want a competent, professional and a company that you can trust, please do not hesitate to make us, DRR Design as your choice.  
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